J o d y  R u s h

Acoustic Singer/Songwriter

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Special guest Jody Rush singer/songwriter

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“I wanted to take the time to really sit and listen to the song “Life in a J.A.R.”  It's really beautiful.  I'm always a fan of smart writing and the title was especially appealing.  But then the heartfelt lyrics juxtaposed with the upbeat rhythm of the song are really a beautiful tribute.  Your voice is amazing as well!” 


Melissa Fullerton




"Outstanding vocals! A rare moment where the live show exceeds the original recording."

—  Albuquerque Journal

“Love the voice! Very unique sound, lots of feeling and character embedded within. ”

—  Phoenix New Times

“Definitely some mind expanding lyrics here!”

—  Marty Wilson-Piper, The Church


Jody ...its very cool man very flowing and very nice to listen to.....despite the sad subject matter...

                      -  Steve Kilbey, The Church

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